We bought a farm!

It all started in January...well actually it started a lot longer ago than that, but January is when it was real.  Since pretty much the day we met, Justin and I have talked about a dream of one day living on a farm and another dream of fixing up an old house.  

It was a cold snowy day and I was bored so I was scrolling through real estate listings - does anyone else do that for fun? I wasn't looking for anything in particular and stumbled across a listing that read something like "Wonderful opportunity to own beautiful, flat farmland in an agriculturally welcoming town." Dream #1, check. "House is currently condemned and should be completely overhauled." Dream #2, check.  Now I just had to convince Justin that this was a good idea. As soon as I showed him the listing he said "get us in there - we need to see this place in person."  The following weekend we visited the property for the first time and instantly fell in love.  

Once we knew we wanted to put an offer in the wheels really started to turn fast.  We met with contractors, house designers, banks, and town officials.  We obsessively talked about it with friends, family member and coworkers (thank you listening!).  We had multiple spreadsheets tracking all our different scenarios on how we could make the numbers work.  We listed our current house for sale.  We bought a 35' camper to live in during there renovations.  

Our offer was accepted.  Our current house went under agreement.  We packed our belongings. We bought a farm!