After four months of work

This past week marked the four month anniversary of us buying the farm and starting work on the house.  So much has happened!  Time is flying by,but at the same time we feel like we have been living in this quaint, country town for years.  The whole community has made us feel welcome and that has make our project event more special.  

Let's recap on what has been going on: Justin and I started doing demo work on the house back in June just as we were celebrating our 4 year wedding anniversary.  We adopted a rooster name Chris and with his help we had a hen hatch two chicks bringing our flock to eleven birds.  We bought three pigs...and then decided we needed two more.  Bacon, Pork-chop, Miss Piggie, Lucky and Pattie are our pride and joy and we are having so much fun raising them.  

Our amazing construction crew started work at the beginning of August right when Justin and I moved into our camping trailer behind the farm house.  Yes, you read that right we live in a trailer in the back yard and for the first month we had no running water.  Justin hiked the last 100 miles of the Appalachian Trail in Maine and I was promoted to a new position at the company I work for.

These past four months have been some of the best of our lives and we are so thankful for every minute of this adventure.  

Here is what four months of work on the house has resulted in :)