Home grown food just tastes better...

Our pigs are Berkshire, Tamworth, Yorkshire crosses.  These breeds produce a darker more flavorful pork which is often sought out by high end restaurants due to its beautiful marbling.  This is not your typical white meat pork.

We pride ourselves on spoiling our pigs by providing them a life where they are free to roam and forage in our fields and roll in the mud as they see fit.  They are fed a balanced diet which consists of vegetable and bread scraps that come from our kitchen and a few local restaurants and all natural, antibiotic free grain.

Our pigs are given names - we talk to them, hand feed them and scratch them behind the ears at least twice a day.  We like to think that we have very happy pigs who are raised with love. 

If you would like to purchase our pork please visit our Farm Store.