Farm fresh is the way to go...

Kathryn raises cornish cross broiler chickens with Erin Williams through their joint venture, Plympton Poultry.  The chicks arrive to our farm when they are just a day or two old and spend the first three weeks of live in a brooder.  After that, they are moved to chicken tractors and live on pasture with plenty of access to fresh grass and bugs.  

The chickens' diets are supplemented with locally milled, all natural, chemical and additive free grain to help them grow.  They are brought to process when they are eight weeks old.  The finished product is a delicious, tender 4 to 6 pound roaster.

We visit the tractors everyday to talk to the chickens and move them to fresh grass.  Our chickens are happy, have tons of sunshine and fresh air and are allowed to do what chickens love to do - scratch and peck! 

If you would like to purchase some delicious fresh chicken please visit the Farm Store.